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Mrs Tyson wrote: Summer Holiday Homework!
Have a picnic Visit a playground Walk in the rain Jump in puddles Have a sleepover Wear your pyjamas all day Watch a film Have a water fight Invite a friend over Share bedtime stori (More)
                                   Wow - the children brought in their Creative Homework today - a 3D rainforest. Thank you for supporting the children with this project - they all look amazing.               (More)
Don't forget your creative homework is due in on Monday 6th February - we have had two come in early - aren't they amazing?       (More)
Mrs FitzGerald wrote: School and Eco Council Homework
This week, we will be holding elections for the School and Eco Counci representatives for this academic year. Please click on the link below for a reminder of the preparation you need to do: why-run-for-school-and-eco-council-homework Good luck (More)