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Mrs Tyson wrote: 10 Chicks!
We now have 8 brown chicks and 2 yellow chicks.   Today we have been learning about the life cycle of a hen. (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Chicks!
 We now have 7 chicks! (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Chick Update 2
   We now have 6 chicks! (More)
Mrs FitzGerald wrote: Welcome to the chicks!
Yesterday, ten perfect eggs were delivered to school as part of the Hatching Experience that we are taking part in. As we were told that within a few days they would begin to hatch, we were extremely excited to arrive at school today to find that fou (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Chick Update
This morning we have 4 chicks and many of the remaining eggs have holes and cracks in the shell! (More)