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Mrs Tyson wrote: Summer Holiday Homework!
Have a picnic Visit a playground Walk in the rain Jump in puddles Have a sleepover Wear your pyjamas all day Watch a film Have a water fight Invite a friend over Share bedtime stori (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Spirituality Day
We took part in a whole school Spirituality and Prayer Day today! We started the day all together in the hall and Mr Thomas led our worship. We sang 'God behind, God beside, God ahead' and talked about what this means. We then had a visitor in cla (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Science Week
Our cross age phase Science day is well under way with fun investigations taking place in every classroom. In Acorn classroom the children are busy making 'Racing Rockets' with Thomas (Yr5) at the top of the leader board with a distance of 3m 60cm, (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Sports Day
Congratulations to all the children who took part in this afternoon's Key Stage 1 Sport's Day. It was a wonderful afternoon with Green Conder taking the lead. We wonder who will win overall when Key Stage 2 hold their Sport's Day tomorrow?   (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Forest School Update
Much of our Forest School time this week was spent in preparing chocolate cake. You thought you couldn't cook cake on a fire? Well think again! Some children made up the cake mix, while others picked the largest Hazel leaves they could find. We wr (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: 10 Chicks!
We now have 8 brown chicks and 2 yellow chicks.   Today we have been learning about the life cycle of a hen. (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Chicks!
 We now have 7 chicks! (More)
We have already introduced ourselves to the class, eaten our bread which we baked yesterday, listened to some Medieval music, watched a Jester (Mr Cross!) and learnt some Medieval dancing. (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Chick Update 2
   We now have 6 chicks! (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Chick Update
This morning we have 4 chicks and many of the remaining eggs have holes and cracks in the shell! (More)