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In class worship this week we created a courtroom situation. We decided to discuss whether children should have to go to school or not. We had two children to represent each side of the argument and the rest of the class were the jury. In the end the (More)
We've had an amazing couple of weeks in Holly Class, time has flown by! In Maths, we have been looking at number and place value. Miss Walton was really impressed with our counting skills. We enjoyed some spicy Maths challenges and made good use of (More)
Mrs Padfield wrote: Aim for Justice
Our class worship this week was to choose an element of our worship theme -  justice -  to focus on for the coming week. We all had an arrow which we named and coloured in. We then attached it to a  dartboard that had a ring for every letter of ju (More)
Mr Dingley wrote: School Eucharist
We held a school Eucharist service in the hall on Friday afternoon. Craig Abbot and Peter Ballard led the service of communion. All the classes contributed to the service.   Hazel class wrote some prayers of thanks for the food and drink t (More)
Mrs Padfield wrote: Communion
We look forward to seeing you all at 2pm on Friday for the Communion service - we can't wait to share our presentation with you! (More)
The whole school took time out of our usual timetable to spend time thinking about our past, our present and our future, how we can see God at work in all we do. We were joined by Craig and Adam all day and in the morning Sarah from NISCU spent time (More)
Mrs FitzGerald wrote: Oak Class Lent Collection
A very happy Easter to you all! As a class we worked really hard all through Lent to collect items for Morecambe Food Bank and we are so proud of how much we've managed to collect! A huge well done and a very big thank you to everyone who c (More)
Mrs Thomas wrote: Easter Service
Children and parents gathered in St John's Church today for our end of term service. We reflected on our value of SERVICE and looked forward to Easter. A daisy chain made of flowers made by the children on which they had written their sorry prayers (More)
Mrs Thomas wrote: Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon
What a delightful and busy afternoon we had celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight. The hall was full of family and friends eating the delicious fairtrade snacks the children had made. We also heard from our Fairtrade Ambassadors about the importance of (More)
Mrs FitzGerald wrote: Carol singing in the village
On Monday 12th December, choir members from Oak and Sycamore Classes went to Hillcroft Nursing Home in Galgate to sing for the residents. As always, we received a very warm welcome. We really hope we were able to bring a little Christmas cheer to all (More)