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Miss Connor wrote: JU JITSU
We had lots of fun when Activ8 came in to school and let us learn some different Ju Jitsu moves.   If your child wants to partake in the after school club, please fill in the letter that was sent home. (More)
Miss Connor wrote: Happy Holidays Topic
We have been doing fantastic work in our Happy Holidays topic. For homework, we looked at all the holidays or trips we have been on in our lifetimes. This helped us in class to create a timeline of all our holidays. We used Espresso to (More)
Miss Connor wrote: Landmarks Around the World
We looked at famous landmarks around the world. We learned their names and information about them. We then looked at the country they are in. We then used our giant map to put them in the correct place on the map and then completed our own Landma (More)
Miss Connor wrote: Planting
Luke's Grandad came in and planted runner bean seeds and sunflower seeds. We watched them sprout in class and then have taken them home. Miss Connor would love to see any updates on how they are getting on. (More)
Miss Connor wrote: We have been sewing...
We learned how to do a running stitch and created these fantastic stitched flowers. We all really enjoyed it and think our flowers are amazing ... (More)
Miss Connor wrote: Cress Experiment
In class we looked at the different things that plants need to grow. We learned they need: Light Water Nutrients Warmth We are carrying out an experiment by growing cress seeds. We want to see what plants need to grow and if light (More)
Miss Connor wrote: Life Caravan
Today we had a visit from Karen, Harold the Giraffe and the Life Caravan. We learned lots all about ... what we need to eat to stay healthy how we need exercise, water and plenty of sleep to stay healthy different parts of our bodies It (More)
Miss Connor wrote: Parts Of A Plant
In Class we looked at the names of the different parts of a plant and what those parts do. We labelled the different parts in our books.We also labelled our giant flower on our topic display... We then went outside and found different plant (More)
Miss Connor wrote: How Does Your Garden Grow?
Our new topic in Beech Class is How Does Your Garden Grow? We will be learning all about plants, trees and minibeasts. There was a big pile of petals, stems and leaves on the carpet and we built a flower together.   We started our topic (More)
Miss Connor wrote: Easter Egg Competition
In class we decorated hard boiled eggs for Easter as a part of the Easter Egg Bingo. Here were our class eggs... The class winners were Lewis with his Kylo Ren egg, Oliver with his pig egg and Jessica with her sheep egg. (More)