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Mrs Tyson wrote: Runathon
We held the grand opening of our new running track on Wednesday. Even when our legs were tired we never gave up! It was a great afternoon and it was lovely to see so many parents turn up to celebrate our achievements. We received a certificate wh (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Stone Soup
After sharing the story 'Stone Soup' and completing lots of related activities, we decided to make our very own! We washed, peeled and chopped all the vegetables. Some children even brought in their own to add to the mix. We really enjoyed sharing ou (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Baby Visitor
As part of our learning on growth and change, we were very lucky to have a visitor yesterday. Baby Theo was only 6 days old when we got to meet him and ask his mum questions. He didn't cry or even wake up! Our questioning skills improved througho (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Galgate Walk
Did you see us? Did you hear us? We went on a local walk to look at the house and find 2D shapes. You could test us when we are out and about, or even at home. Can we identify shapes? Can we name shapes? Can we talk about shapes? (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Reading Meeting
Reading Meeting Just in case you were unable to make it to our Reception Class Reading meeting you can view our Power Point and handouts below. Reading Meeting 2017 Phonics Information Booklet Letters & Sounds Games Learning Through Play (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Paddington Bear
Paddington Bear is visiting from Peru. He wants to find out about life in the United Kingdom. He hopes to visit you this weekend and find out all about British families and British values, so take him with you wherever you go and let us know what he (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Running Track
Wow! We used the new running track again today and Acorn Class embraced the opportunity to show their perseverance skills and tried their very best. Remember 8 laps is 1 mile! Although we are really proud of them all we would particularly li (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Numeracy
Please find below a few maths activities to support your child with their learning at home. Can you count the sea creatures? https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/underwater-counting Can you put the numbers in the right order on the Chinese (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Phonics
Please find below a few games to help your child develop their listening skills in preparation for learning to distinguish sounds in words. Press the buttons. Can you guess what is making the sounds? https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/SoundStimuli.ht (More)
Mrs Tyson wrote: Discussion Prompt
Have you asked your child what they have done at school this week and they can’t remember? Here are some prompt words and phrases that may help with discussion: Monday - Red, jelly, Little Red Hen. Tuesday - Blue, gloop, balloon. Wednesday - Ye (More)